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£25 for Non-Members 

Rental Packages only £45

We run Airsoft games on alternate Sundays throughout the year. Visit the Upcoming Events area on our Facebook page or Click Here to see the next game days.

You can also book by sending  your name and telephone number to the email address:


These Rules are to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.  Any player who ignores these rules may be removed from a game and if persistent, could be removed from the site.  By attending Commando Elite Airsoft you do agree to abide by these Rules for the safety and enjoyment of all. Thank you


  • Take your hits! ( Rebounds and gun hits do not count )
  • If you see people not taking hits tell a Marshall, don’t shout & swear at them!
  • ‘BANG’ rule – If within 10ft (3m) – do not discharge the weapon – shout ‘Bang’.
  • Avoid Head-shots, while these do happen they can hurt so avoid where possible.
  • Ground level sport so no digging holes or climbing trees.
  • No blind Fire at any time.
  • Only pyros purchased on site can be used in the games.


Theses velocities are measured with 0.2g bb’s by our marshals. The fps listed below are MAXIMUM allowed on the site. Any shots that go over this over 5 shots will fail our crono tests and not be allowed on the day.

  • 350fps for AEG’s and pistols
  • 500fps for bolt-action rifles
  • 450fps DMRS (Single Shot Only)


At Commando Elite we play with the surrender rule. You can opt to ask someone to surrender if you manage to sneak up on them, by shouting “SURRENDER!”. It is then up to the marshals to enforce this rule.


Depending on the scenario being played the re-spawn rules may vary, generally we play one of the following which must be followed by all players:

  • Return to the nearest re-spawn point before re-joining the game. Re-spawn points will be marked on game maps and on the ground as well as being explained before the game begins.
  • Withdraw from the battle in the direction of your base camp 100 paces and come back in.


Always attempt to aim for the body or legs of another player – headshots are dangerous and should be avoided where possible, all players know the risks involved and accept that if the only part of them on show to the enemy is the head that they are presenting it as a target – aiming for someone’s head when you could (and should) be aiming for the body is NOT encouraged and may be seen as wreak less/dangerous play and in violation of the site rules.


  • ALL Weapons must be made safe before entering the safe zone and must remain safe until you leave it!
  • Magazines removed from weapons, chambers cleared and safety’s on at all times. Even dry-firing is not allowed, accidents can happen so be responsible!


Eye protection to be worn at all times unless in the designated safe zone. We recommend the use of full face protection, if you choose not to you do so at your own risk.

  • The terrain is uneven and there are many trip hazards in the woodland so suitable footwear with good ankle support is recommended.


  • Shout ‘HIT’ (nice and loud so they hear you or you will continue to be shot!).
  • Raise one hand in the air and hold your weapon with its barrel skywards so it is obvious you are non-combatant.


  • DO NOT camp out at re-spawn points – if you think this is happening inform a marshal.
  • DO NOT shout out at anyone you think is not taking your hits – INFORM A MARSHAL!
  • While we do not attempt to censor the language used anyone found being threatening or abusive to another player will be removed from the site. If anyone physically assaults another player or member of staff they will be banned from site without warning.
  • At times you may be at close quarters, REMEMBER THE 3m BANG RULE!
  • Safe-zones for reloading are at the main safe-zone or at designated re-spawn points in the game arena…
  • Dead men don’t talk, if you are dead do not tell your team mates where the enemy are. If caught everyone in ear shot will be sent to the spawn area.
  • If you sit down to reload in the game area you can get hit, take the hits!
  • If you stand around chatting you can get hit, take the hits!
  • If you are moving to a re-spawn point have one hand raised to signify and keep to main pathways as much as is possible. If moving through a battle please wait and make yourself known with the call of ‘Dead Man Walking’ or‘Dead Man Coming Out’